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Haribol My Name is Anil Das I have been a Hare Krishna Devotee sin Cine I was 10 I’m now 21 and Krishna wisdom has helped me understand the Hare Krishna Movment

Now I have a better understanding of Hare Krishna

Thank you

Jay Srila Prabhupada

Krishna wisdom is great 10 out of 10 👍

Anil Das

RG….A Monk among Monk’s!

“Soul Expressions is a beautiful experience and if you’re lucky enough to meet and listen to the one they call RG you will be blessed.”

Brother Lee


Try to recognize myself.
Looking for inner journey, time is limited, don’t know when the door will be closed and my goal and purpose of life will not be fullfield.

My belief I have to know more before I step in something very new to me
I am great believer of Hare Krishna and sure i find the right path to my spiritual journey

uma raha

Didn’t know the place existed

Didn’t know the place even existed, but now I can’t keep away!



The Soul Expressions events are very lively and full of uplifting music. I look forward to them every month!


This is amazing

The Krishna Wisdom website is one of the safest places on the internet where you can ask questions, learn and develop yourself in a wholesome manner


Amazing website!

I love the posts on the website. The only one I’ve come across on the internet where actual monks write it. Great to hear some authentic wisdom!


Awesome Event!

I had been to Soul Expressions last week and it was an uplifting event. I felt really happy and have never been to something like this before. I recommend it to everyone!

Rex Alton