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Who says this world needs fixing? - Krishna Wisdom

Who says this world needs fixing?


People always keep discussing problems and their solutions. I think it is our nature to fix things. The newspapers and television are full of problems. I sometimes feel we have enough problems in our own life and there is actually no need to venture out and delve in other people’s problems. But here’s a thought – just because everyone’s got problems doesn’t mean there is a problem with this world.

Let’s say you’re in a prison (hopefully you won’t have to go there except for a catch up with old friends). Now, it’s quite uncomfortable in there. You’re confined to a cell, no choice of meals, and if you’re lucky (or unlucky) you’ll make some friends in there.

So one day, you decide to drum people up together and start a campaign to fix the problems in prison so everyone can be comfortable in there. I guess you will get some recruits to your campaign and you may as well succeed to some extent – get newspapers, maybe even a Playstation or a Wii, hot water and extra spicing for your food.

But hey! The prison’s not designed to be comfortable. It doesn’t need reformation. You do.

With all the problems in the world existing today – Donald Trump and everything and everyone else included, it is still perfect. The nature of this world is imperfection and it is perfect in that regard. It is here to teach us something. If we keep blaming the world for it’s problems, maybe we’ll change a few things – but we’ll never learn what we’re meant to.

Having said that, I think Donald Trump is quite alright. He adds some excitement to politics which I otherwise find quite dry.

So problems can never be solved by fixing them. It is you that needs fixing. The correct understanding will help you rise above the problem, which will then cease to exist.
The world is already perfect, and it’s doing it’s job perfectly. We’ve done enough as a species to ruin it already under the pretext of ‘fixing’ it. Let’s leave it alone and focus where we should instead. Inside us, not outside us.

It reminds me of a verse from the Isopanishad, a book of wisdom written 5500 years ago in the Himalayas that says

The Personality of Godhead is perfect and complete, and because He is completely perfect, all emanations from Him, such as this phenomenal world, are perfectly equipped as complete wholes. Whatever is produced of the Complete Whole is also complete in itself. Because He is the Complete Whole, even though so many complete units emanate from Him, He remains the complete balance.

Radha Govinda has been living as a monk at Bhaktivedanta Manor for over 8 years now, and is a musician, motivational speaker and a writer. He likes sharing inspirational stories and wisdom from the ancient East and has a passion to encourage people to take up spritual practices. He holds a Master's degree in Mechatronics and worked in Control Systems engineering for Fluor before deciding to take up spiritual life full time as a monk in 2009. He now travels around the country sharing his experiences with people interested in yoga and spirituality.

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