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Kishan asked 7 years ago

dear teacher
I have come to discover the crossover point between atheletics and mediatation. I find my calmness to be somewhat helpful for my boxing ability. But a hindrance for my confidence, aggressiveness and the necessary spirit to fight with a “kill or be killed attitude” … I frequently box, and hurt opponents, only to stop or hesitate in sympathy, where they would often show me none in return . Ultimately causing myself sporting harm.
do you have any advice or guidance to scriptures which may help me discover better a KC understanding of my dilemma in improving this temporary warlike mindset , ?
Kinds regards

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Radha Govinda das Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Kishan,
It does seem like a bit of a dilemma! You see, according to the ‘scriptures’, bhakti yoga is a tradition of peace. Acts of violence are only there as a matter of self defence. So it is a bit of a mission to develop peace and box for sport at the same time. I can advice you how to stay calm in the middle of a boxing match, but it’s not a sport that I really support or advice people to engage in, so it would be inappropriate for me to do so. But regardless of what you are doing, if you try a bit of meditation everyday and read the philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita As It Is, it will make a big difference.
If you like, you can make your way to the main page and download the ebook ‘Spiritual Quotient’ and have a read – it’s got everything in there including how to meditate.
Have fun!