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Christopher Ardizzone asked 5 years ago

I am finding myself comparing myself to those around me, work peers, friends, and family. I know that if ones focus is purely on what they lack or do not have, naturally they will feel upset.
I am not trying to feel upset, I am not trying to run from my upset. But none the less I am upset at my personal value vs. another’s physical possessions and I find myself in want of more personal value.
I then think, there is no way to even ascribe personal value if I didn’t have a way to compare my value vs. another’s. What is this circle of thought and how can I use it positively instead of degrading my opinions of me?
Am I just shy and afraid to ask for what I want from the universe?
Am I not watering the right seed of intention and my actions are harmful?
I am truly upset the answer is not clear. I feel it should be clear.

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Radha Govinda das Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Chris,
Thanks for asking. It’s good you did as only when you ask you get an answer!
My understanding is that there is no need to compare ourselves with anyone. We don’t have to be the best, but just the best version of ourselves! Everyone is good at something and the thing to do is find out what we’re good at and be the best at that. It’s good if we do something that’s in coherence with our nature. This way we will be fulfilled and successful. But if we try to do what someone else does and it’s not our nature, we’ll neither be good at it, or be fulfilled.
I hope this helps!