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Confused asked 6 years ago

In the Mahabharata it is said that Bheema bullied the kauravas and Duryodhana especially so. This is what lead to Duryodhana hatred of Bhima. Why is it that Bheema was never put in line or punished for these awful acts? Whilst it is true that Duryodhana was an incarnation of Kali this should not justify Bheema’s bullying. As someone who has been intensively bullied by family members to the point of attempting suicide multiple times over my life and developing three mental illnesses I can’t help but feel Duryodhana’s pain. In all honesty I think Bheema is a big villain of the Mahabharata and the fact that he is seen as fighting on the good side makes no sense to me at all.

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Radha Govinda das Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi, good question… although things aren’t exactly as they appear in the question. If you read the Mahabharata, it was Duryodhana and his brothers that actually tried to poison Bhima when he was only a little kid. Then on several occassions they tried to kill him with all his brothers and his mother Kunti and also sent them into the forest for 14 years after taking their kingdom away. Bhima and his brothers were just trying to live!
Sorry to hear about your situation, and I hope things are better now with you. But I do advise you to read the book again. A good version of the book is the ‘Mahabharata’ by ‘Krishna Dharma’. It is also good to confirm beforehand the authenticity of the author before you read the book as there are a lot of bogus ones out there… so be careful!