don beilman asked 6 years ago

Please I have a few questions, First is if god can feel our hearts and our wishes, why must we pray to him or for others? Makes no sense!!! He knows all , hears all!! Is the answer that we send out our own vibrations and god doesn’t do it? He only looks and listens, and lets us pray or send out vibrations of possative to others?? You tell me please ty much don

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Radha Govinda das Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Don,
Interesting question. Here are a few thoughts:
1. God knows everything of course, and he is already giving you what he thinks is good for you. Usually what we want is not always good for us. He can see the full picture, we can’t. For example, a child just wants to play all day not understanding why he/she needs to go to school. But a parent knows it’s necessary.
2. Our prayers are not always sincere. They’re just casual wants than prayers.If we’re really sincere, God will take it into consideration…
Hope they’re helpful!