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The happiness quotient quiz - Krishna Wisdom

The happiness quotient quiz


The happiness quotient quiz is a test to find out how happy you will be in life based on how your consciousness and attitude.

Welcome to the Happiness Quotient Quiz!

This quiz calculates your Happiness Quotient. It enables you to test how happy your attitude towards life will make you in years to come. It is based on the book “Bhagavad Gita As It Is”, an ancient 5150 year old book on spiritual wisdom and the second largest selling book in the world.


Please answer all the questions as accurately as you can, based on what what you would actually do in a particular situation rather than what you think would be the best thing to do. This is necessary to get better results.


This quiz is by no means an accurate evaluation of your personality or attitude as that can only be done in person. This is a generic interpretation and the author or Krishna Wisdom cannot be held responsible for any consequences.

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Radha Govinda has been living as a monk at Bhaktivedanta Manor for over 8 years now, and is a musician, motivational speaker and a writer. He likes sharing inspirational stories and wisdom from the ancient East and has a passion to encourage people to take up spritual practices. He holds a Master's degree in Mechatronics and worked in Control Systems engineering for Fluor before deciding to take up spiritual life full time as a monk in 2009. He now travels around the country sharing his experiences with people interested in yoga and spirituality.

Discussion5 Comments

  1. I enjoyed the test but felt i needed a more varied choice of answers.
    Thank you for allowing me to take part 🙂

  2. Christine Coleman

    I enjoyed the text and interestingly my score reflected my life situation.Not blissfully happy but not crushingly sad.Like one of the previous commentators I could have done with more nuanced reply choices.For example the book question I read all sorts of books but I could only make one choice.

  3. Stephanie Mack

    I loved the test. It makes for honesty by limiting the answers. My score reflects my journey over the past 18 years. It’s been tumultuous, lol now. However, I love being happy. Looking forward to improving my score. Thanks for the opportunity.

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